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 I have had a diverse background in which Art, Multimedia and Film Making (now video) have always played a part of my life.

I began as a secondary school art teacher then subject master having completed four years of training. This evolved into a role overseeing audio visual support to college teachers and acquiring IT qualifications. I became an army officer and worked as a research officer to a medical group at the Oakey Army Aviation base in Queensland assisting with my IT skills.  

From there I became the Director of a home for detached and unattached refugee youth fron South East Asia.(four years).

 My next appointment was as a Principal of Catholic Schools for fourteen years.  During my time in schools I also became the IT network manager and taught Information Processing and Technology.

I have been creating websites now for more than 15 years.

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This background should indicate a diverse range of knowledge, skills an attitudes than inform my work.

The fact is I enjoy creating websites for a range of different purposes.

Each client has different needs and your imput is key to a successful web design.

An initial small fee is requested to start the site and a monthly fee maintains the site.

Support services maintain my sites 24/7

If you are interested please call me for a chat.

Check out some sample sites and videos in the pages that follow.

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